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Who we are

Square One Relocation is a full service relocation company which, through its offices in United Kingdom and USA, serves over 1000 customers ranging from private, corporate accounts and diplomats, with packing, transportation by SEA / AIR / ROAD & unpacking of personal effects as well as global mobility services - home & school search, orientation tours and immigration assistance.

The company has a global network of carefully selected and vetted partners in 35 countries across all 6 continents allowing us to deliver consistent services for our customers for the entire journey of their shipment.

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What we offer

We have your entire relocation covered - from expert advice tailored to your individual circumstances right through to the unpacking your personal effects once they have arrived safely in your new location.

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Our vision

Square One Relocation is a people company first and it is our business philosophy to treat each customer individually by providing the utmost discretion and safety when handling their personal belongings with care and by delivering the absolute best customer support possible.

We believe in our motto - "Moving lives not just boxes".